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notes: slay the spire

3 minute read

Been playing Slay the Spire, fast mode on. Lets talk about why it’s addictive.

  1. full notes: Florence

3 minute read

time passes, people... change? Florence is a game by Mountains, where you play/guide florence, a mild mannered Asian woman with the relatable struggle of ke...

  1. designer responsibilities

3 minute read

talking to myself about what a game design job for a large game entails Alright, you're set. You're inspired and there's nothing else you'd rather do. Lets t...

notes: loot boxes

1 minute read

Notes about how they feel as a player. It’s still a game experience. Obviously other people are doing the proper psychological work to maximise addiction.

  1. hardware novelties

4 minute read

looking at design in terms of hardware: arcade edition The arcade is the original destination for specialised video game attractions. Instead of a standardis...