Played with a friend on a switch, only co-op mode so far.

If you haven’t played: watching videos of gameplay should show all the controls.

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The versus mode obviously would have the same gameplay. I’m not sure if there’s any comeback mechanic available, but to quickly brainstorm some rubberbanding:

When you’re behind: ingredients can be simpler

You could also have rats target the winning team’s ingredients, but rats were meant to be a gimmick for a certain stage archetype only.

I don’t think you should actually modify chopping/cleaning/cooking speed though. Enough parts of the game need to stay the same otherwise neither the winning or losing team will think it’s fair.

Other random additions could be choosing a single trait for versus mode (faster chopping, faster movement, super-fast dish washing) to just have a bonus make your character a little more unique. It’s also nicer for players who want to focus on a certain task, since now they’ve got obvious incentives.

With that a teammate could focus on the chopping board because they’re literally faster at chopping while another teammate is busy running around with ingredients with bonus movement speed.

I wouldn’t pin these buffs to chefs. Chefs should just be visually different. They are, right?


Need to sit down some friends and make them fight each other for more observations.