a hastily drawn picture of florence.

time passes, people... change?

Florence is a game by Mountains, where you play/guide florence, a mild mannered Asian woman with the relatable struggle of keeping her adult life together while falling in love.

If you don’t have time to read, very coherent touch control tuning. Story is told visually and through the actions you do. The actions don’t feel as much like chores because they’re part of the story.

There are actually really good game flow design gems. You wouldn't have been able to tell from a playthrough video, since they're mostly based on having a definite answer for every moment the player might try to touch the screen.

The notes were these...

in closing

The inconveniences in the game are meaningful. Maybe… this is the secret sauce to this type of game. Of course, the inconveniences aren’t really inconvenient. Its simply gameplay that withholds the progression of the story. How you make the audience feel with a small burst of gameplay needs to line up with the mood.

The moments where the game takes control for you are still meaningful too. It’s very applicable to this story since Florence is trying to take control of her life in a different way. The type of woman we’re introduced to at the beginning was not expected to become who she is at the end of the game.

I liked it. The competitive player within me still wants hardcore speech bubble assembly.

Have fun out there, wont you?