notes: climbing trees

21 February 2018

I cant climb a tree in real life; at least, make it great in a game.

off the top of my head I recall climbing trees in:

Super Mario 3D games

In Mario 64: given the fidelity of the polygons, Mario is probably just scratching itchy thighs by rubbing it against the tree. Particularly amusing as a kid when you switch on Mario-cam.

The future generations of 3D Mario have enough graphics to show an arm-leg climbing method. Which looks the most intuitive for progressing up a flagpole.

Zelda BotW

We don’t need hookshots in this entry. Link climbs just about everything. The stamina system and his ability to dyno is good.

You could easily make some BotW DLC that drops shadow of the colossus style bosses into the world. We already have giant pig ganon, you could do more than that, and have more climbable giant bosses. You’d have to forcefully disable Revali’s gale though.

Sooner or later Nintendo will figure out the direction of the next Zelda. DLC should stop soon afterwards.


Does this really count? You’re making the tree climbable, via ladders or jumping up and building a block underneath you. But did you ever climb the tree?

Too philosophical. Moving on.

Golden Sun

I recall going up a tree so massive that it was like a building. Ok, this doesn’t count. Maybe I’ll think of more later.