notes: snowboarding

20 February 2018

Quite appropriate since I’m making a snowboarding game right now.

  • First time gaming kids can't play snowboard kids. Let that sink in. As mentioned in blog post 5. it's due to analog sticks.
  • You are secured to your board in real snowboarding as well as in current videogames
  • Tricks seemed to be an important aspect of some games but frankly they're not interactive
  • Steep is really cool but maybe the snowboarding is too realistic to create deeper gameplay (but it was a combination of games ala blog post 4.)
  • There isn't any game that breaks the rules of snowboarding

Actually in general it seems the snowboarding games with analog sticks:

  • Do not need analog sticks if the snowboarder leans gradually enough
  • Tricks and pipe grinds are common mechanics that require aiming the board and nice button presses
  • It's all about not having to press an accelerator button
  • The most unrealistic thing was snowboard kids' mario kart style weapons... but we can do more to affect the core gameplay
  • The unique part of core gameplay is the steering. Jumping exists in way too many games, so it doesn't count for uniqueness.