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30 September 2018

Tencent’s league of legends but for mobile. I got to try it with my cousin… using my grandma’s social id.

The english version that has batman and others is called Arena of Valor.

[The overall impression]

For free to start/play games, the overall impression is important. Players could revisit a free game.

Why do players revisit free games? Well typically you just add in some login bonuses and make sure the customer’s friends are playing it anyway.

Ahem, not everyone has that luxury.

But it’s true, theres plenty of systems of multiple currencies and login/play bonuses to acquire. For players seeking “something to kill time with” these achievements are a natural answer.

Once you try to search for a game, you find one instantly. I don’t know if the same happens in the non-chinese version of the game. It sure is convenient to somehow have the game be downloaded a billion times.

The in game controls have been refined. Touch, then drag your finger any time you need directional aiming. It’s a good controller that happens to be on a touch screen.

You can watch videos or try the game’s control scheme yourself, but basically players won’t blame the controls for missing abilities.

Something you can’t tell from videos is that all aimed abilities will auto-target if you tap the ability button without dragging a direction. This prioritises nearby enemy players over enemy NPCs.

So for many characters, you just need to land your spell that stuns the enemy, then you can just mash every other button.

You won’t see any Faker moments come out of this, but wangzhe rongyao doesn’t have to be competitive in the way league of legends is.

It’s a casual free to play game that uses lots of RPG satisfaction techniques.

It’s… way more casual than league. Pay attention to what I’m about to say.

Completing progress and levelling up and gaining rewards. This happens in a match, and in the menus.

Although similarly to league, leaving a game early should carry penalties, games don’t last as long as they do in league.

In a MOBA game, you get gold and that lets you buy items that make your character stronger in different ways. Wangzhe Rongyao gives you multiple item presets for each character, AND characters can purchase items anywhere on the map.

League gives you a free return to base spell (wangzhe rongyao also does).

Dota 1/2 requires you to have a town portal scroll, but you can have a courier deliver items.

Wangzhe Rongyao just lets you touch a button that appears on the screen once you can afford something.

It doesn’t end there.

Every game passively gives you gold, but you have to land the killing attack on NPCs to claim their gold in mobas.

Of course not everyone is good at that. Why not let nearby players get gold anyway for minions that have fallen (except maybe just 60,70%)?

It’s not as forgiving as heroes of the storm but that’s okay.

Regeneration items temporarily spawn near sentry towers, also providing decent reason to never use the warp-to-home spell.

Most abilities have low cooldowns and mana costs.

These are all factors that actually aren’t as prevalent in the more endemic MOBAs.

It’s STILL NOT OVER. They’ve been swift to assimilate any feature worth adding.

Voice chat exists. Social connectivity and clans. Ranked ladders.

They added a battle royale mode as soon as possible (i.e. when they noticed it became mainstream) where you can loot items and still kill NPCs to level up.

You can easily watch more competitive pros playing within the app.

The app is reasonably conservative with data and battery.

And finally, there’s the content.

The skin previews and variety, although it may be simply following by what another one of Tencent’s companies’ games (league of legends) has done, the level of quality is still high, and the amount of animations and artwork that’s been made is super high.

Finally for the local audience, many of the characters are anime-esque takes of people from chinese history.

One of the characters still has access to her arena of valor wonder woman skin. That’s just how localisation is I suppose.

[The overall impression (short version)]

You’re looking for something to spend time on, or your friends are already playing.

When it comes to a free to play mobile game where you have slowly grind rewards, you need the game to show that “its the one worth playing”. Typically it’s the biggest one.

There’s nothing really frustrating to make you quit the game, unless you take it too seriously and get mad at teammates instead of revising your own abilities.

However, this game has plenty to do casually. My cousin actually quite enjoyed the battle royale mode.

That “deep complex strategy that can only come from the traditional 3-lane moba map” exists, but it’s not for everyone.

Just using characters that resonate with you, shooting abilities and pressing buttons to level up…

Even then, people will eventually get bored of the game.

What’s next? I’m serious here!

Have fun out there, won’t ya?

also maybe don’t get addicted to anything