Making a game engine [1]

04 August 2018

Game engine dev log part 1: what am I doing?

First, there needs to be some motivation or else I’ll start this project and never finish it.


I need to know more about how game engines are made, and I might as well make one while learning. (Create to get better at creating)

I want to make something reusuable (not code an entire game within a while loop)

I want to expand the scope of the engine if theres anything else I need to learn If i want to learn how to utilise a CPU with many cores, I need the code to support it. (The engine thus needs to be modular)

Of course, the skills I learn are more important than supplanting existing game engines.


Making these happen isn’t a chore, but I have to make sure I don’t forget them.

  • Having fun

You might think having fun is difficult, but the secret is just finding your own rewards. If you feel rewarded it means “you care about what you’re working on”.

  • Readable intuitive code and folders

I want the entire project to be easy for beginner programmers to understand too! You shouldn’t feel like you’re going through a maze of folders, and the file names should make sense.

  • Production code quality

It is a skill I need to always be developing. You can’t make a long term living off poor quality work.

  • Better understanding of game engines
  • Better intuition for making a game from start to finish

This will require me to actually make games. Some causes of project failure can only be prevented by someone who intuitively know every process.

[Thats all for now]

Will my optimism run dry? Or will I become the next Iwata?

I have to try at least.

Have fun out there, won’t ya?