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thoughts in japanese AND english! 日本語、英語、両方の言語で考えたこと


24 August 2020

Part 5 of an interview between Shigesato Itoi and Satoru Iwata in Itoi’s series on interviewing company presidents!

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「日→英」翻訳:ナンセンス文学 -Eve

23 August 2020

曲の翻訳。難しいです。Tried translating a song! Nonsense Literature by Eve. I’ll do way better next song I promise.

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22 August 2020

“Learn from the president!” by Shigesato Itoi featuring Satoru Iwata Part 4

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21 August 2020

Part 3 of learn from the president hosted by Shigesato Itoi Ft. Satoru Iwata

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18 August 2020

Part 2 of an interview between Shigesato Itoi and Satoru Iwata about being a company president.

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05 August 2020

English translation of the “Learn From the President!” segment on the “Almost Daily Itoi News” website featuring Satoru Iwata

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22 July 2020

Updated the website!

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About Wangzhe Rongyao

30 September 2018

Tencent’s league of legends but for mobile. I got to try it with my cousin… using my grandma’s social id.

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A lot happened in a month

29 September 2018

I’m living in Japan now for some reason.

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Making a game engine [8]

22 August 2018

Besides playing system shock 2, other things happened. Lets talk productivity.

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Fresh Thoughts: System Shock 2

20 August 2018

I legitimately didn’t know of this game’s history or accolades, and it seemed like some random indie game that probably hitchhiked into my steam library during the era where I bought humble bundles. This is my alarmingly uncultured impression of the 1999 game in 2018. Did it age well?

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Design Rant: Feature Creep

16 August 2018

At what point does new gameplay become a chore to learn? At what point does a game lose it’s identity?

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Making a game engine [7]

15 August 2018

Game engine dev log part 7: Maths/Cameras/Drawables/Collisions 2

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Making a game engine [6]

14 August 2018

Game engine dev log part 6: More Graphics/An Idea/Collisions

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Making a game engine [5]

13 August 2018

Game engine dev log part 5: Roadmap/Learning OpenGL

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Making a game engine [4]

09 August 2018

Game engine dev log part 4: Generalising Graphics.

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Making a game engine [3]

08 August 2018

Game engine dev log part 3: Further reflection and “target audiences”

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Making a game engine [2]

07 August 2018

Game engine dev log part 2: Planning and coding begins

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Making a game engine [1]

04 August 2018

Game engine dev log part 1: what am I doing?

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Design Rant: Platform Fighters (Smash Bros)

16 July 2018

I’ve been playing them for years, and now that I’ve played different versions of platform fighters I gotta speak my mind on the design.

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Enjoying Randomness

01 June 2018

So, what if uncertain factors in game are handled properly? It enriches the game, Amazing! This is a rant about pokemon, slay the spire, and then casino addiction.

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Being annoyed at uncertainty in games

24 May 2018

Game designs often have suspense and anticipation. You have to get excited for the future! This… “Uncertainty”, if handled badly punishes the player even if they played well.

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Notes: Nintendo Labo

23 May 2018

Nintendo Labo is a low-tech housing for the high-tech joycons. I’ve played it. I made others play it. Here’s some raw notes.

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Lets a go: Old and new blog posts

22 May 2018

I previously blogged game notes and thoughts on Don’t worry, I’ve already imported my old blog onto this website. All posts older than this are from iuondesign!

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notes: overcooked

05 April 2018

Played with a friend on a switch, only co-op mode so far.

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9. the feel of Team Fortress 2 (2007-2011)

03 April 2018

Two very long weeks pass… I could talk about it in another blog post. But until then:

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9. breath of the wild combat

07 March 2018

This assumes you have played the legend of zelda: breath of the wild. It’s been a year since it was released!

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notes: slay the spire... again

05 March 2018

played more. last set of notes for Slay the Spire

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8. full notes: Florence

03 March 2018

time passes, people... change? Florence is a game by Mountains, where you play/guide florence, a mild mannered Asian woman with the relatable struggle of keeping her adult life together while falling in love. If you don’t have time to read, very coherent touch control tuning. Story is told visually and through the actions you do. The actions don’t feel as much like chores because they’re part of the story.

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notes: slay the spire

03 March 2018

Been playing Slay the Spire, fast mode on. Lets talk about why it’s addictive.

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7. designer responsibilities

26 February 2018

talking to myself about what a game design job for a large game entails Alright, you're set. You're inspired and there's nothing else you'd rather do. Lets talk about what your work requires of you. It's gonna be great.

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notes: loot boxes

24 February 2018

Notes about how they feel as a player. It’s still a game experience. Obviously other people are doing the proper psychological work to maximise addiction.

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6. hardware novelties

22 February 2018

looking at design in terms of hardware: arcade edition The arcade is the original destination for specialised video game attractions. Instead of a standardised controller, we have... whatever we want.

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notes: climbing trees

21 February 2018

I cant climb a tree in real life; at least, make it great in a game.

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5. a very nintendo chinese new year

20 February 2018

 Did you know gamefaq's has guides for wii sports? Don't giggle yet, the guides do usefully explain unlockable content Some relatives visit our continent/island for chinese new year. I made them play games. Ever grateful for test subjects.

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notes: in-game voice chat

20 February 2018

been thinking about multiplayer voice chat in any shape or form

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notes: snowboarding

20 February 2018

Quite appropriate since I’m making a snowboarding game right now.

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4. Spore and League of Legends

17 February 2018

Comparing how Spore and League appeal to casual and hardcore players. "Having something for everybody" can be an overarching design goal. One approach is by compounding multiple games into one.

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3. a look at luge design

02 February 2018

A shot from the chairlift. the "Luge" is basically gravity-powered go-karts. Being on holiday wont stop me analyzing the last "game" I played

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2. game appeal and heart

19 January 2018

what would "somebody like you" do? A letter to myself

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1. welcome to clock town

06 January 2018

Time passes, people move. The design of the in game clock in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask

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0, a game jam reflection

26 December 2017

Many years ago, four friends gathered for a game jam. A lesson on spending time more wisely

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