So, what’s your favourite game? Mine is the one where you can reset time in order to stop a moon from falling in three days.

Experimentation, and trying new ideas over and over until you have a result that helps other people. That game itself is the resultant mix of risk-taking and maybe overwork-induced nightmares from a 1 year development cycle.

To me, its a beautiful game. I want other people to get inspired by games like I have. All it takes is understanding what other people are thinking without time travel, the gumption to tell a computer what to do, experimentation, and trying new ideas over and over until you have a game that helps other people.

Currently I can wear the Programmer, Designer, and Planner masks.

Even if I end up specializing, trying out various roles is trying out various points of view: thats good for communication!

layout: post title: Markdown Style Guide —

This is a demo of all styled elements in Jekyll Now.

View the markdown used to create this post.

This is a paragraph, it’s surrounded by whitespace. Next up are some headers, they’re heavily influenced by GitHub’s markdown style.

Header 2 (H1 is reserved for post titles)##

Header 3

Header 4

A link to Jekyll Now. A big ass literal link

An image, located within /images

an image alt text

  • A bulletted list
  • alternative syntax 1
  • alternative syntax 2
    • an indented list item
  1. An
  2. ordered
  3. list

Inline markup styles:

  • italics
  • bold
  • code()


Nested Blockquote

Syntax highlighting can be used by wrapping your code in a liquid tag like so:

{% highlight javascript %}
/* Some pointless Javascript */ var rawr = [“r”, “a”, “w”, “r”]; {% endhighlight %}


/* Some pointless Javascript */
var rawr = ["r", "a", "w", "r"];

Use two trailing spaces
on the right
to create linebreak tags

Finally, horizontal lines